• Case Study: DMD Management Services

    Case Study: DMD Management Services

    DMD Management Services joined Cornwall Chamber of Commerce in early 2016. They are a specialist business consultancy based in Cornwall that have been providing Cost Management and Procurement expertise to organisations across the UK since 2001.
    They work with clients to understand and support their business needs resulting in long-term relationships built on results and trust. In addition to advice, the key objective is to deliver low-risk, self-financing solutions, where the benefits can be operational as well as monetary.
    DMD Management Services use an extensive network of trusted partners and suppliers to ensure that the right solutions for the business are delivered, which are often not the cheapest.

    The Founder – Daryn Dodge
    Daryn has almost 40 years of business experience, in both the Corporate and SME environments. An extensive period of Project Management, delivering major IT systems around the world, was followed by becoming a senior manager at British Telecom. Six years later, Daryn became Head of Europe for an American solutions provider.
    In 2001, Daryn founded DMD Management Services to utilise his extensive experience in negotiating and managing relationships and contracts with suppliers. 
    Daryn is also a public speaker, giving talks around the UK on this specialised subject.
    In addition to this, Daryn has been Enterprise Advisor to Bodmin College since 2015, operating as their voluntary “business guru” (the children’s words, not his), providing business input to help them prepare for their future careers.  
    Daryn is also an author, using his humorous book (The Road to Hell Via The A194) and associated talks to raise money for good causes.  This included a fundraising dinner for CHICKS, the nominated charity of the Cornwall Chamber, and he would welcome enquiries from other good causes. 

    Why Cornwall Chamber of Commerce?
    DMD Management Services joined the Cornwall Chamber to increase their awareness of Cornish companies and identify which ones could deliver services to existing and future clients.
    Having been a member of other Chambers, the Cornwall Chamber has been a breath of fresh air to Daryn.  The network events are extremely well supported, and the number and quality of contacts is very good. 
    With a full program of both networking and educational events, the biggest challenge that Daryn faces is to find room in his diary for all of the ones that he would like to attend.
    Daryn’s commitment to the Cornwall Chamber is demonstrated by his joining the Chamber Member’s Council, and also the Masterclass that he is due to deliver for the Cornwall Chamber in September.
    As he says, “The Cornwall Chamber really is an excellent way to connect with other Cornish businesses in a genuinely productive way”.

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