It is said that nothing in life is free… but is this true? We are breaking the mould here at Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, giving you our top five free, yes free you read that correctly, business resources for growth. Whether you’re looking for world domination or simply to grow your following, these FREE resources will help guide you onto the success path of growth!


    Since the first lockdown back in March 2020, daily walks have become a thing of habit for many– instead of jamming out to your favourite hits on your walk, try a business-related podcast instead.

    Our favourites include:

    Harvard Business Review – this is a weekly podcast featuring leading business professionals as they tackle current issues facing the business climate, whilst offering you tips and anecdotes that you can apply to your own business. These can be found on Spotify or their website!

    We could not mention podcasts without shouting about our own! Join Kim Conchie, CEO of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, with some extraordinary Cornish guests as he talks sustainability and business in Cornwall. Podcasts - Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

    Some of our outstanding members also offer free podcasts. PKF Francis Clarks’ Podcasts Noodles & Doodles, where in each episode, talks to someone who has built a successful business, finding out what drives them and what they have learned from their challenges along the way. Exploring transferable skills which you can apply to your business to assist your growth strategy. Listen to the podcasts: Business Noodles and Doodles (pkf-francisclark.co.uk)

    Podcasts are an easy and free way to learn more about the current business environment with minimal effort. Many offer advice on how to grow your business and how to stay engaged with your target market, which will support your growth strategy.


    Whether you are sending emails to potential customers, copywriting or writing PR statements, using incorrect grammar is a simple and careless way of reducing your businesses credibility and professionalism. Let’s be honest here; we’ve all been there! This is where Grammarly can help! A free online editor, Grammarly corrects grammar and the cohesiveness of your sentence structure, so when you are emailing customers or closing that multi-million-pound deal, you will not be undermined by any poor grammar. Grammarly can be downloaded and used as a plugin – allowing you to have perfect grammar whatever the situation.


    Get yourself found on google! Search Engine Optimisation is a significant player in business growth. If people cannot find your website on google – how do you expect to grow? Understand the basics of SEO with this free online guide! Neil Patel is a digital marketing expert in the YouTube world who has written down his tips and tricks of SEO in this guide—helping you to understand the fundamentals of SEO, helping you get the pesty google crawlers to crawl your site to get you found on google! Perfect for beginners or a business looking to grow – this guide helps you develop a fundamental understanding of SEO which will compliment your businesses growth strategy.

    What is SEO? (Learn SEO in 5 Minutes) (neilpatel.com)


    Often an overlooked tool – all social media sites offer analytics for your page. If you look past the superficial metrics (likes) and pay attention to engagement, click per action and time of day your followers are active – you can tailor your social media marking to your audience! Of course, growing followers is great and getting many likes is excellent for your business growth but if none of this turning into sales for your business what is the point?

    By considering the analytics, your business can capitalise on what your followers want to see and what will make them purchase your product or service! Check out the FREE guide below on how to fully understand Social Media Analytics!

    How to Track and Understand Social Media Analytics | March 2021 (themanifest.com)


    With the dramatic shift in our working lives, the number of online business webinars available has increased massively! At Cornwall Chamber, we offer a wide range of FREE informative, online webinars for our members to enjoy. As many of you reading this will know, the Chamber has some of the best businesses in Cornwall as members, who also showcase their amazing webinars on our member events tab on our website. So make sure to check out our website regularly and get booking! View our Events Calendar

    Looking beyond the fantastic events we offer, Eventbrite also offers free online webinars – simply just search what you’re looking for and registers for the free event! With thousands of live Webinars available, you will be sure to find a perfect fit for your growth strategy.

    Online Events | Attend Virtual Events From Home | Eventbrite

    These five FREE resources should help form the springboard for your company’s growth by helping you master the foundations of SEO, Analytics and furthering your knowledge. Here at the Chamber, we recommend you take a customer-centric approach and are patient and trust in the process of organic growth for your business. Our members also offer an array of free resources which are accessible via our website.

    • Looking for a great deal? Try checking out our hot deals.

    • Do you want to get in touch with other Chamber members to help grow your business? Check out our member directory on the Chamber website.

    • Our members are constantly uploading news stories, ads and useful information that may help your business – you can view this on our news section.

    • Make sure to also keep checking back on Chamber and member events, we are always uploading great events for you to enjoy! View our Events Calendar

    Still, not satisfied with your business growth after using these resources. Consider becoming a Cornwall Chamber of Commerce member and enjoy our member benefits, including free Webinars, Connectivity and Networking events, and Member to Member introductions. Interested? For more information about membership, click here Member Benefits - Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

    If you are already a member and would like further help and advice with your growth strategy – email us at hello@cornwallchamber.co.uk, and a member of the team will be more than happy to help!

    By Emily Smith

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