• Why it's important to Choose Cornish

    Why it's important to Choose Cornish

    As lockdown restrictions ease and non-essential retail and hospitality reopen, now more than ever many are starting to reflect on the ways they could adapt their lifestyles and make positive changes for a more sustainable future. The rapid spread of COVID-19 left our supply chains exposed in a time of crisis, resulting in shortages of vital goods and household necessities that we were all made too aware of. Communities turned to sourcing produce, products and services from their local stores, businesses and farm shops, all excelling to meet the needs of its people in a time of darkness. As businesses in Cornwall start to reopen and rebuild from the economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been felt in particular across the tourism, hospitality, fisheries, retail, and cultural sectors, it is crucial that we choose Cornish, buy locally and support all businesses in Cornwall to support the process of restarting our economy.

    Did you know that Cornwall is home to 230,000 households if each household spent £15 a week locally on Cornish produce, products or services it would put £179 million back into the Cornish economy each year.

    Why not pop into your local coffee shop on your way to work, rather than stopping at a Costa or Starbucks, not only does it taste better it’s usually a lot cheaper too! As well as simply the price difference of buying locally there is also the uncertainty around where the food on the supermarket shelves has come from. When you shop at your local butcher, fishmonger, bakery and farm shop it is more than likely the food you are purchasing has been harvested, caught, baked that very week if not the same day. By making simple changes to your routine and making conscious decisions when it comes to purchasing goods and services, not only will you be supporting local farmers and businesses, you will also be creating relationships with your suppliers and consuming healthier, fresher, less chemically produced food.

    However, choosing Cornish shouldn’t stop at buying local food, drink, arts and crafts. Next time you are thinking about upgrading your Wi-Fi, choosing a new kitchen, purchasing furniture, or printing signage for your home or business, stop and find out if you can source it in Cornwall. Not only will you receive a more bespoke service as small businesses pride themselves on providing a personalised experience and value each customer and interaction, you will be supporting your community, allowing business to thrive and creating new job opportunities.

    By choosing to eat local produce, buying products from your local high street and using Cornish businesses is an important step in supporting the local economy to restart and rebuild. You are also contributing to your community, improving your health and becoming more environmentally friendly.

    Where to find Cornish Businesses
    Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Made in Cornwall have over 600 members that offer Cornish produce, products and services. Explore the vast variety of businesses Cornwall has to offer.

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