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  • As lockdown starts to ease and non-essential retail and hospitality start to reopen, now more than ever it is crucial that you Choose Cornish and support local businesses.

    When it comes to choosing Cornish it shouldn’t stop at food, drink, arts and crafts. Next time you are thinking about upgrading your Wi-Fi, choosing a new kitchen, purchasing furniture, looking for a new PR agency or printing signage for your home or business, stop and find out if you can source it in Cornwall first.

    If every household in Cornwall spent £15 a week locally on Cornish produce, products or services it would put £179 million back into the Cornish economy each year.


    We have partnered with Made in Cornwall and asked our members why they think Choosing Cornish is important and what the benefits of shopping locally are. Explore the thoughts of businesses in Cornwall below. 




  • Prima Bakeries 

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  • About Prima Bakeries About Prima Bakeries

    Based near Redruth at the heart of Cornwall, Prima Bakeries has been baking delicious Cornish Pasties, bread, cake, confectionery and savoury products for over forty years.

    Prima Bakeries has been at the heart of Cornish baking since 1978. Originally established by the Buist family and celebrating 10 years of the Norton family’s involvement this August, the business quickly evolved from a pizza base manufacturer into the fully fledged craft bakery it is today. Ross, the third generation of the Buist family to bake at Prima, along with his team of highly skilled bakers, take great pride in ensuring all products are made to order each day to the highest standards of quality, freshness and flavour.

    Prima operates a wholesale delivery service throughout Cornwall with a Retail Range suitable for shops and convenience stores and a Food Service Range designed for cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Prima’s products can also be found throughout the country through their various partners, delivering to both consumers and businesses alike ensuring traditional Cornish products are never too far away for those in need!

    Why is it important for people to Choose Cornish and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally? Why is it important for people to Choose Cornish and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally?

    We believe that consumers care where the products they buy come from. This is perhaps not celebrated enough, which is why we are proud to support Choose Cornish, designed to highlight amazing local products to the consumer and show off the best the County has to offer. We have experienced first-hand how important shopping locally is to many people, bringing with it many benefits.

    Cornwall is in a somewhat unique position in the country due to huge disparity between its population during the summer season and the winter. As a county we heavily rely on this trade which can make things particularly troublesome for all businesses when unforeseen events can put this trade in doubt. Choose Cornish will help highlight those products manufactured in the County, helping to support the local economy, and keeping the manufacturing sector in Cornwall alive and well. This not only supports the County on a purely commercial level, but on a cultural level as well, ensuring traditional products and techniques are preserved and celebrated. Each and every one of our pasties is hand crimped in the same way that has served Cornwall for centuries, using a recipe which must follow strict guidelines laid out in order to meet the protected name of a “Cornish Pasty”.

    Buying local produce also means utilizing fresher ingredients by cutting down on transport time and allowing food to get more quickly from farm or field to plate. Prima is passionate about purchasing locally, ensuring the best quality ingredients go into every product we make. We are lucky enough to be able to purchase our meat from a butcher located under a mile from our Bakery who guarantees the beef skirt used in our award-winning pasties is Cornish or from the South West. The potatoes and swede we use in our pasties are also grown specially for Prima within 10 miles of the Bakery.

    This desire to source locally, by both producer and consumer, cuts down on “food miles”, or the distance food must travel before being consumed. This of course means reducing the carbon footprint of each product, allowing our foods to be more sustainable and kinder to the planet.

    So why should you Choose Cornish? Well, it’s better for you, for the food that you eat, for Cornwall, and for the environment. What’s not to love?

  • Alchemy Tiles 

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  • About Alchemy Tiles About Alchemy Tiles

    Hand crafted locally in Cornwall, Mel Chambers, creator of Alchemy Tiles is the only tile company that creates beautiful hand carved inlay tiles for those who want something unique and personal. From individual tiles to bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces every tile is carved freehand, creating a thing of beauty and inspiration that can never be replicated. Something to admire every day and all held eternally in earth and time.

  • Why is it important for people to Choose Cornish and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally? Why is it important for people to Choose Cornish and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally?

    In a time of great uncertainty many small businesses have felt the sharp impact of our recent pandemic and my own small business of Alchemy Tiles has been no different. However, being ever the optimist, I will always look for a silver lining in every cloud and what it has highlighted above all else is the essential need to ensure it becomes even more sustainable and resilient going forward.

    With a background and training in Permaculture (sustainability) the corner stones of my business are based on Permaculture’s three key principles of Earth Care, Fair Share, People Care and for me that is all about supporting the local economy and small businesses in every aspect of my work and home life.

    Being part of the Made in Cornwall Scheme has also helped emphasized this within my business ensuring that everything is created using locally sourced materials and is genuinely hand made in Cornwall.

    Shopping locally and supporting local businesses puts money back into the Cornish economy and ensures that the community prospers. It helps strengthen local resilience and enables us to build networks and relationships as we get to work more directly with those around us.

    On a larger scale it helps minimise packaging, lowers carbon footprints and uses resources directly available to us which not only help the planet but builds trust and positivity, opens minds and hearts, and makes us more independent as a community. And as we have already experienced a more connected community is safer, more resilient and self-reliant in times of uncertainty.

    So, for me personally supporting local will always come first and I feel exceptionally proud of this wonderful Cornish community that I call home.

  • Delabole Slate

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  • About Delabole Slate About Delabole Slate

    The Delabole Slate Quarry in Cornwall is probably the oldest working slate quarry in the world and the only source of Delabole Slate.

    Our unique material is internationally respected for its superb durability and aesthetic appeal as well as for its historical importance, being used in many prestigious and ancient buildings.

    Why is it important to ‘Choose Cornish’ and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally? Why is it important to ‘Choose Cornish’ and what do you think are the benefits to shopping locally?

    In some sense, everybody is local.

    Life can only be as good as your surroundings.

    So we need to support and build our local communities to create something we are proud of.

    Something that reflects sustainable values.


    The benefits to shopping locally have been brought to the fore recently by CV19.

    But many of the benefits were hidden in plain sight beforehand.

    Local jobs improve the prospects of local people and help build an aspirational future for the next generation. – Cornwall can excel at more than just tourism.

    “Carbon miles” are easily reduced when goods are purchased locally rather than from across the seas. - And you can’t self-isolate from climate change.

    Using local building materials preserves the local vernacular of the built environment. – We don’t want to lose indigenous architectural character.


    In Cornwall, we are lucky to have some really high quality local products.

    (In our case…Delabole Slate is considered the finest in the world, and is so durable it will outlast anything else.)

    So, as well as helping to build a dynamic local economy and improving environmental impact, “choosing Cornish” often means you’ll get a superior product.


    Delabole Slate has been running for 1000 years. We’re part of the fabric of Cornwall.

    Our stone was created by the same geological forces that created Cornwall itself millions of years ago.

    We choose Cornish whenever we can.  Do you?

    Remember: small actions multiplied by many people can change the world. (And change Cornwall.)

  • Truro and Penwith College

  • Wasted Apple Co.

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