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  • Cornwall chamber of commerce allows businesses to have their say we have local, national and international links
  • It can be difficult for an individual business to influence policy alone. However as part of a group of businesses led by the Chamber you can have a much stronger voice exerting greater influence on policies affecting business. In addition, the Chamber is a member of the British Chambers of Commerce joining with businesses across the whole of the UK in calling for policy decisions that are good for business. Cornwall Chamber of Commerce aims to be a voice for business in the Duchy using its influence, experience and contacts to represent you and lobby on behalf of the business community at all levels – from local government to ministerial level.

    The Chamber has a presence on a range of committees and groups that influence policy making decisions in Cornwall on issues such as dualling the A30, the growth strategy and local infrastructure. We are also represented on a number of panels and committees across the South Western Region enabling us to represent you regionally as well as locally.

    Our local and national lobbying efforts and the campaigns we are involved in include:

    Business Rates: Cornwall Chamber of Commerce represents the business community's views on affordable business rates

    The Stadium for Cornwall: Cornwall Chamber of Commerce lobbied on behalf of the business community for this

    Cornwall Lenders Forum: Cornwall Chamber of Commerce organise regular meetings from the key financial groups operating within the Duchy

    Large Enterprise Action Group: Cornwall Chamber arranges meetings to find out the challenges and issues for the larger businesses in Cornwall

    Transport & Infrastructure: Cornwall Chamber is involved with a number of campaigns across the county to improve local infrastructure, including lobbying for the dualling of the A30 at Chiverton

    Devolution: Cornwall Chamber is broadly supportive of the plans to give Cornwall more control over important local decisions

    Quarterly Economic Survey: Cornwall Chamber, as an accredited member of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), encourages members to complete the quarterly economic survey. This supports the BCC’s efforts to inform and lobby Government and other organisations to ensure the interests of business are heard and understood

    Brexit: Cornwall Chamber aims to keep businesses aware of developments surrounding Brexit with events, information and reports 

    Another way we offer our membership to have your say is by giving you the opportunity to speak at our events.

    Read Sam Amps Marketing & Web's Case Study to find out why she joined the Chamber.

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