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    BT is a British multinational telecommunication holding company, with operations in over 180 countries worldwide. The largest provider of fixed- line broadband and mobile services in the UK, it also provides subscription television and IT services.

    Delivering digital transformation nationally, BT is at the forefront of digital progress in the South West, striving to help each customer improve their digital offering to drive change in their business.

    BT has worked hard to support communities in the South West during the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as supporting emergency services with the communications technology needed throughout the pandemic, BT has worked with businesses in the region to ensure sustainable recovery to lay the foundations for sustainable and inclusive growth.

    The world’s leading telecoms provider, BT knows what is needed to support businesses through their digital journeys efficiently and effectively. BT leads innovation, with the expertise, passion and skills to support organisations in the South West to adopt innovative technology and provide cutting-edge solutions.

    BT leads the way in taking the South West forward into the digital age to become a truly digital nation. The first provider in the UK to launch 5G through BT’s EE, BT is committed to providing access to the fastest, most reliable networks.

    This is an exciting time for new technologies, which will have a big impact on the South West and BT customers.

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