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    SBPR Ltd was launched in 2000. Since then our highly experienced team has worked with a wide range of clients – from large public sector organisations to international companies, schools, universities, tourist attractions and small businesses.

    We have launched hotels (drawing large crowds and attracting international press attention in the process), run campaigns and events, drafted communication strategy documents for Government departments, managed crises (including several of global interest), organised press conferences, carried out surveys, produced every conceivable type of publication and provided media and PR training. We write well (our features regularly get into magazines and newspapers) and, having worked in large organisations ourselves, we understand approval protocols.

    Our network of contacts is excellent and our ideas endless. We really want our clients to be happy with what we are doing for them and will always go the extra mile to achieve that. Our watchword and benchmark is QP – Quality Product – and that is how we want both ourselves and the people we work with to be perceived.


    • We take the time to get to know both you and your business
    • With your key aims in mind, we create a strategic plan that will allow us to achieve the best results possible.
    • We execute the strategy – gaining maximum exposure to build awareness.
    • We monitor and analyse the results achieved, adjusting our strategy accordingly, before reporting back to you.




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