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    About Us

    Improving mental health through the power of a blue philosophy

    We are a mental health charity and pioneers in blue health, using a mixture of sea-based activities and appropriate and effective therapies to help manage trauma and support people’s everyday mental and emotional wellbeing.

    We help children, adults, families, businesses and organisations, with the provision of bespoke experiential support and positive wellbeing strategies, helping to create a sense of hope and improve lives every day.

    We offer a range of activities and therapies which include:
    • Sailing Programmes
    • A range of therapies, projects, services and classes.
    • Employee Assistance Programmes
    • Consultancy work

    We launched in 2006 as a mental health charity with blue spaces (space connected to water and the sea) at the heart of our work. We were among the first to pioneer the importance of “blue health” and it’s benefits, and we continue to create ways of supporting people based on what works, not what’s conventional. Our belief is that combining blue spaces with mindful, compassionate interaction and therapies can heal trauma and improve people’s everyday wellbeing.

    We’re the first project of its kind in Europe and the first marine mental health service to gain backing from the NHS. We aim to support as many people as possible, finding them the right path to better long term mental health.

    Sea Sanctuary has won numerous awards and have proudly featured on both BBC National and Global TV.


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    Blue Health
    Meet Winter, a rare yacht, a F&C 44 Ketch, built by lberto Cibil in Buenos Aires, to a design by German Frers in 1983.Home to our residential sailing programmes and one day wellbeing sails.
    G999 Crew. G999’ is an award-winning collaboration between Sea Sanctuary and Devon and Cornwall Police who work together on the front line, responding to highly distressing incidents, which are often complex in nature and regularly include suicidal ideation and attempted suicide.  We call them the Mental Health Emergency Service.
    We take therapy out of the office


    Open Day: Tall Ship Sailing Experiences with Sea Sanctuary
    Open Day: Tall Ship Sailing Experiences with Sea Sanctuary
    • Open Day: Workplace Wellbeing Tall Ship Sailing Experiences with Sea Sanctuary – Drop in for an informal tour of our tall ship, Irene of Bridgwater
    • Monday Jun 13, 2022
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