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  • “When I was starting out and because the business model was completely novel, what Fishy Filaments really needed were friendly faces with thick address books. While the Cornish business scene is welcoming and well connected even then it sometimes takes one or two key people to see the links and bring people together. For me and my business idea Paul Holmes at Cornwall Chamber of Commerce was one of those key facilitators. We met at a Chamber of Commerce event and he took the time to understand what a random stranger had to say for himself, saw what was needed and set me on a course that ended up with funding for a radical new local business." 

    Ian Falconer, 
    Fishy Filaments
    Penryn 6.12.17

  • "The seminars [at Connected Cornwall] I attended were perfectly pitched to develop the knowledge of Cornish SMEs on how to begin and test their implementation of digital tools and strategies. Many of the business leaders around me expressed how they now felt empowered to go back to their teams and/or suppliers to ask the right questions from a position of strength and knowledge."
                       - Jim Payton, Transform Cornwall


    Newquay Hypnotherapy has achieved more than a 500% return on its membership investment this year, and that’s including the cost of breakfast/lunch/supper and fuel, and I also have a corporate client, which I wasn’t even looking for, whom I met at the Business Fair over a sandwich at lunchtime!       

                  - Adam Pearson, Newquay Hypnotherapy

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