• The Chamber is pleased to offer a service that introduces you to one of our members specialising in a particular field, whether this is PR, finance or general business advice. Highlight to the Chamber team what you require, and we will find the perfect mentor match for you at no extra cost.


  • The benefits of mentoring

    Mentors are great for helping you grow your business network and connect you with other business people that can help. Working in isolation as an SME can be a huge disadvantage, networking is key and a well-connected mentor is vital.

    Mentoring is an effective personal development tool and a way of helping people to progress in the business.
    The right mentor will have had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues. 
  • What does it involve?

    An initial face to face meeting held between mentor and mentee

    Mentor carries out a review to better understand the business and identify what is missing
    Mentor to set achievable targets, guidance and support for the mentee
    Mentor can introduce to other contacts to help build relationships, also get a second opinion
    Relationship can be terminated by either party when they consider the aims have been achieved
    Relationship lasts for a minimum of 2 months but if both parties agree a longer timetable or if any help is required in the future, then it would be up to both parties to discuss a chargeable fee. 
  • Contact us

    Mentoring isn’t just a one way street, it's very much a ‘win win’ situation as both mentor and mentee benefit from the new business relationship in many ways.

    If you would be interested in becoming a Chamber Mentor or Mentee, please contact our membership team
    mirren@cornwallchamber.co.uk or 01209 216006  or complete an online form here
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