• Brexit Granted

    Further Brexit grant funding has been announced that can support SME customs intermediaries, traders and hauliers to complete customs declarations in readiness for the UK leaving the EU.

    There are two grants available – a training grant that is open to customs intermediaries, hauliers and SMEs who already import and/or export to the EU, and an IT grant that is open only to customs intermediaries or a business who wishes to offer this function for its customers.

    • The Training grant will cover training that provides your employees with skills to complete customs declarations or other declarations required to complete customs processes (such as safety and security declarations) and carry out the technical processes of customs procedures. The grant could give 100% of training costs for employees up to a limit of £2,250 per employee per course. It will also cover internal training course costs up to a limit of £250 per employee per course. Ad hoc ‘on the job’ informal training is not eligible.
    • The IT improvements grant must be used to acquire packaged software that increases the automation and productivity of completing customs declarations and will cover the first-year license. The funding can also be used to buy hardware needed to run the software, installation, configuration and related software training. It cannot be used to commission bespoke software or unrelated networking costs. 

    The total amount of grant available is capped at the State Aid de-minimis limit of Euro 200,000.

    For further details on eligibility and how to apply, contact 028-90415471 or visit the gov.uk website.

    If you would like to discuss how Brexit could impact on your import and export activity, please contact Wendy Andrews on 01392 448862 or at wandrews@bishopfleming.co.uk. Wendy is a VAT expert in this area and would be happy to talk with you. 

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