• Konektis are now seeking volunteer organisations for field trials

    Konektis are online meeting experts, based in Falmouth.  We have conducted two randomised controlled experiments with UCL and Exeter University and have developed some evidence based techniques that improve video and hybrid meetings.  The research, which proves a benefit from our approach, can be found here 10.31234/osf.io/q3sa6.


    We are now seeking volunteer organisations for field trials for Experiment 3 - Team relationships, inclusivity and wellbeing. There is no cost for your involvement other than your time but your team will have the opportunity to learn some skills which could benefit them for all future meetings.  Most teams gain a real benefit in terms of increased engagement, inclusivity, enjoyment and productivity. 


    The experiment involves your team participating in a 60 minute facilitated training session in which they will learn the techniques and discuss how to improve their online meetings, using the techniques in their ongoing meetings and measurement of improvements. 


    You can find out more details in our recent blog: https://www.konektis.org/post/experiment3


    If you think your team could benefit and would like to know more please get in touch directly with Ben Hatcliffe - benhatcliffe@konektis.org


    If this is not suitable for you/your team but you know someone who might be interested please feel free to forward this information and/or put us in touch. 


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