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    Shaun Mundy is an IT leader - a CIO, CTO or IS Director - who can bring transformational benefits to businesses of all sizes. Shaun can join your senior leadership team to own and deliver your IT and digital strategy.

    Shaun has three specific offerings:
    1) Sustainability in IT
    2) Artificial Intelligence
    3) Fractional / Part Time IT Leader

    Sustainability in IT: As a single engagement, Shaun can lead the assessment of the current Carbon Footprint of your IT, and further then develop your “Sustainability in IT” strategy. This includes both the IT Carbon Footprint, and also the provision of an IT platform for capture and reporting of your Business-Wide footprint.

    Artificial Intelligence: Your organisation may want to lead the market through technology (including AI) or remain competitive. In either case, you need an approach to adopting AI such that you minimise the risk of loss of IP (Intellectual Property) and maximise the value of the technology. Shaun can lead you through the adoption to support your business strategy

    Fractional / Part Time IT Leader: No IT department is perfect – what is your challenge? It could be in any of the spaces in which Shaun has experience, from simple alignment to your strategic goals, improved service, Business Systems change, Digital Transformation or an IT wide assessment as a baseline or for M&A. Shaun has worked across multiple sectors and is adept at dropping into a new sector rapidly.


    Release Date: May 09, 2024
    Release Date: May 09, 2024

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