Networking In Cornwall


    At the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, we organise networking events and spaces in Cornwall to allow like-minded business owners and professionals to mingle with each other, making valuable connections and getting to know other local businesses.

    When looking to get into networking the choices can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know where to begin. At the Cornwall Chamber, we host various networking events to suit different preferences and needs, aiming to disrupt your usual workday as little as possible.


    Networking Events In Cornwall

    Cornwall is full of amazing local businesses and professionals looking to make valuable connections and meet new people in the same boat as them, which is why networking is a great addition to your schedule. Create beneficial relationships or discover useful businesses that you know you can trust at one of our networking events in Cornwall.

    There are lots of different ways to network, which we have outlined here to make it easier for you to find your ideal networking event in Cornwall.



    Breakfast or Lunchtime Networking Events

    There is no better way to get to know people than over a coffee and a bite to eat. Breakfast and lunch networking events allow you to get out of the office, listen to talks from members of local businesses and get to know others around you whilst in a relaxing environment. Take the pressure off of networking when you choose a food-based networking event in Cornwall.


    Cornwall Business Fair

    There is no better way to get to know other local businesses than by attending the Cornwall Business Fair. Discover talks from local businesses and find a supportive network of people to get to know. Set up a stand for your business and meet your fellow stand mates, or wander the aisles set up to find the connections you’re looking for.


    Networking Workshops

    Workshops are great for learning new things that can be useful to you and your business, from innovation ideas to industry-specific workshops, but they’re also a good way to meet more people within your industry or with similar business interests. Not a formal networking event, these are pressure-free events that allow you to meet new people with similar business goals whilst also learning something new that could benefit your business.

    At the Cornwall Chamber, we work with our partners to provide expert workshops to our members.


    Surf Networking in Cornwall

    It wouldn’t be Cornwall without a networking event that revolves around the sea. From networking, while you take a dip in the salty Cornish sea to hitting the waves with some other like-minded Cornish business folk, networking can be a fun addition to your day. 

    There are beaches all over Cornwall to make these dream networking events a reality.


    Discover Networking Events in Cornwall with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

    Networking can be a useful event for your business or for those looking for local businesses in Cornwall to connect with. At the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, we offer a wide variety of networking events to appeal to people with different interests and confidence levels, creating a comfortable environment to get to know each other to form those important connections.

    Our full events calendar is available to discover our upcoming networking events, or you can get in touch with our team for more information on our newest events, or even to get involved. Start networking today to help boost your business.




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