• The Cornwall Cricket Board is thrilled to announce sponsorship opportunities for the 2024 season.

    Cornwall Cricket Boards diverse array of teams caters to Men, Women, Girls, those with disabilities, youth, and performance cricket, ensuring there's a place for everyone to thrive on the cricket field.

    Competing not only locally but also throughout the Southwest, the teams offer a dynamic platform for cricket enthusiasts to showcase their talent. Additionally, the pathway teams embark on international tours, with the most recent journey taking us to the captivating cricketing nation of Sri Lanka.

    In a landmark opportunity, 2024 marks the inaugural year for sponsorship of the Cornwall Super 9’s Disability Cricket Team. This presents a unique chance for businesses to pioneer support for inclusivity and sporting excellence.

    Other opportunities also exist to support tailored initiatives benefiting Cornwall's communities, like walking cricket, development hubs, and facilitating cricket access for underprivileged children residing in deprived areas of the county. 

    The Cornwall Cricket Board oversees various projects throughout the county, catering to individuals of all ages and abilities, thereby providing numerous opportunities for businesses to engage and fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

    The Board is highly visible across various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and relevant threads, ensuring widespread exposure for our sponsors. Moreover, they provide a monthly newsletter to players, clubs, and supporters, ensuring consistent engagement.

    Businesses keen on supporting their cricketing endeavours can explore a range of sponsorship options, from social media sponsorship to shirt sponsorship, with package prices ranging from £100 to £5000. Full details can be found on the website at https://cornwallcricket.co.uk/about-us/support-us.html.

    To discuss any of the packages or to get involved with Cornwall Cricket Board please contact Tamsin Chapman-Gunner, tamsin@cornwallcricket.co.uk or call 07507673668.

    Tamsin Said "This presents an excellent chance for businesses to contribute to their local community and uphold their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while simultaneously enhancing their brand visibility. Not only do our teams feature prominently on our social media and in local news, but they also garner attention across various clubs throughout the Southwest."

    Managing Director Joe Skinner added: “We are extremely grateful for the support businesses provide our game. This presents another excellent opportunity for businesses to support cricket, making cricket and cricket programmes accessible to all people. Support from business could help us run programmes across Cornwall, run activity in disadvantaged areas of the county, getting more state school children, the older generation and people with disabilities, programmes such as walking cricket and supporting mental health. We would love to work with businesses that share our vision and passion for sport but also developing people.

    Sponsorship opportunities are limited and anyone interested is encouraged to do so before they sell out.



    ‘Please be aware that the members directory on our website is available to the public.  Contact information contained therein could be used for malicious purposes such as phishing emails.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.’

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