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    About Us

    Who are Figure 8?

    Figure 8 are a strategy & change consultancy based in the heart of Cornwall, founded by Chris Whitley in 2022.

    Figure 8’s Vision

    To unlock the South West’s potential through brilliant strategy and enabling effective change

    Figure 8’s Mission

    - To help the South West thrive by working with businesses that need us, at the point they need us most
    - We provide support, advice and consultancy that is truly flexible to your needs, delivers real value and gives you tangible results
    - We believe that providing clear strategic direction and empowering people is the best way to deliver brilliant change and make it stick – and that’s what we are most passionate about helping our clients achieve!
    - And at the end of it all, we want our clients to say that they are in a better place as a result of working with us-


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    ‘Please be aware that the members directory on our website is available to the public.  Contact information contained therein could be used for malicious purposes such as phishing emails.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.’

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