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    Hi there! I’m Jay-anne and I’m obsessed with all things communication, human behaviour, strategies and connection...Learning, growth, inspiring, motivating and engaging those around me is my passion!

    People have such greatness, it often takes a little more insight into how they tick to really bring out the gold for them and those around them.

    I’ve been leading, training, problem solving, creating & enhancing solutions, implementing positive change along my journey...
    Enhancing culture to bring out the best in teams and ultimately bring client and culture into an alignment that serves both. Whilst also ensuring the best foundational systems are in place to support both client and the business.

    I truly believe processes, underpinned with the awareness of the client and the team member journey creates a culture and service that everyone benefits from.

    I’m always happy to connect with like-minded professionals. Shoot me a message – I look forward to hearing from you!

    What do I do: I have challenging conversations that ultimately move you from the unknown to the known

    Here's a lil freebie...something for you to ponder on.... ??

    “If we were having a discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?
    Specifically, what dangers do you have now that need to be eliminated, what opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximised?”


    ‘Please be aware that the members directory on our website is available to the public.  Contact information contained therein could be used for malicious purposes such as phishing emails.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.’

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