• 10 Free Business Resources for Growth

    When looking for resources for your business growth, it can be difficult to know where to look for sources that are affordable, particularly when considering a business within the startup process where budget is limited. At Cornwall Chamber, we have compiled a list of 10 free business resources to help you get started.


    Business Support Helpline


    The business support helpline is a resource provided by the government to take any calls and questions you may have about your business and its growth. Handling everything from financial help & government-backed schemes to assisting with tax payment and advice on building a business plan.


    The Growth Hub


    The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub provides impartial advice to local businesses, including self-employed people and not-for-profit organisations to find the right guidance and support to help their business work more efficiently, allowing them to develop and grow.

    Experts at the Growth Hub will work with you in a direct manner to take you through every stage of support and find what is most suitable for your business. 


    The Skills Hub

    Associated with the Growth Hub, The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Skills Hub works with your company to boost engagement and improve efficiency by developing your staff’s skillset to what best suits your business and helps to increase success and in relation, revenue.  

    Boosting staff skill portfolios not only improves the success of your business but also helps to increase the overall confidence and morale of your staff. 




    Free Webinars


    There is a large variety of online seminars often called webinars available on the platform Eventbrite. During these sessions, business professionals provide a wealth of knowledge designed to help you and your own business. This covers a wide variety of industries, so there is something for everyone!


    In the ever-growing digital world, podcasts are becoming more and more popular than ever. At Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, we have our own podcast ‘The Chamber Podcast’ where we discuss a variety of topics including business sustainability and business owners talk about their own experiences.


    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a great tool for seeing the current performance of your business’s website. Google Analytics allows you to track and report on your website traffic. This platform is a must-have for all businesses with any form of an online presence. 


    Google My Business

    Create a free business profile for your online business or in-person storefront. This allows you to add your opening hours, health and safety information, and include images of your store and products to give customers more of an idea of what to expect when visiting.


    Google Skillshop

    Google Skillshop is a free training resource provided by Google to train users on how to use a variety of their software. This is great software for training your employees and providing them with a larger skillset that would be beneficial for the growth of your business.


    Quarterly Economic Survey (QES)

    The Quarterly Economic Survey is the largest independent business survey in the UK. The results from this survey play a very important part in providing the government with voices from businesses across the UK. Initially, the responses will be analysed at a local level with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, and then reviewed nationally through the British Chamber of Commerce.

    Cornwall Business Observatory

    Cornwall Business Observatory is a great resource for the latest news and insights into the business sector in Cornwall. This provides a useful report on Cornwall’s economy and help you improve your current business strategy or build a new one. 


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