• News Release: mYcard launches on Apple App and Google Play with an invitation to local businesses to create their own free 'green' digital business cards

    Local businesses are taking steps to improve their carbon footprint by signing up to the mYcard app -  the new Cornish made, contact sharing app that is now live on the Apple app store and Google Play.
    The easy-to-use mYcard app creates digital business cards. Cleverly designed, the mYcard app automatically updates changes to saved contact information (new emails, phone number, address) automatically - a real time saver.
    And mYcard is ecologically sound too. Being digital, mYcard reduces the felling of trees to print paper business cards – currently an estimated 2 million trees a year.
    mYcard also reduces waste as an unbelievable 88% of printed cards are discarded within just one week of printing.
    mYcard subscribers know that they are creating positive change as 50% of mYcard’s profits are reinvested in planting and rewilding projects across Cornwall and the UK to counteract the effects of climate change whilst establishing places for us all to visit and enjoy.
    Employees love mYcard too!  Participants in a recent mYcard survey, 100% asked hoped that their employers would consciously choose environmental positive decisions for the company business.
    92% agreed that contactless business cards are more environmentally friendly than printed cards and 79% stated they were concerned about the environmental consequences of using printed business cards.
    Founder Malachy Dunne explains; 'Business cards are great - neat statements of who we are and what we do, they harness design to give us confidence, foster new relationships – and increase our sales. But they are incredibly wasteful . A mind-blowing 88% are thrown away within a week of production. mYcards on the other hand  replace waste with rewilding.. Our profits fund projects that increase biodiversity and provide opportunities for people to benefit natural spaces.'

    Digital cards are a small business change that can create a big change for the planet. mYcard believes that whilst business does not grow on trees, it can grow with them. 
    For a free 6 month trial of the mYcard app, just sign up to the mYcard newsletter at www.mYcard.earth and we will sign you up 


    ‘Please be aware that the members directory on our website is available to the public.  Contact information contained therein could be used for malicious purposes such as phishing emails.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.’

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