Earlier in the year, the Children's Sailing Trust began preparations for the re-launch of their previously annual Inter-schools Regatta that had been a highlight in the sailing calendar, pre-pandemic. Excited meetings were held, invites created, medals ordered and polished and, most importantly, sponsorship pleas answered by the generous financial services company, Saffery Champness, without whom the event wouldn’t have been able to go ahead.
    And then they saw the forecast.
    "We’re used to some weather this far west but Friday 14th July, the weather gods seemed to be conspiring against us, whipping up the gale force winds and filling up the rainclouds fit to burst. Emergency comms commenced, with the issuing of a yellow weather warning by the
    local council leading to talk of cancelling the event altogether." - Jakie Jewell, CEO

    But never fear! CST and their students are made of sterner stuff – this is where those confidence, competence and resilience skills kick in– and having spoken to the schools and parents, the decision was made to Keep Calm and Carry On… with a non-sailing sailing regatta!

    The on-shore committee had to downsize operations for the beach party, as without the pre-planned boats to help carry gazebos and tables to the rather remote Porth Sawson beach location, no-one fancied schlepping heavy boxes over fields from Mawnan to the waterside. But they rallied. Trustees and volunteers, watersports team and office staff liaised triumphantly to bring together south and
    north side of the river in one (slightly drizzly) happy regatta.

    It was glorious to see so many sailing students brought together from lots of local schools, laughing and trying so hard to do their best against the elements. And they had quite the audience – despite the difficulties getting to the location, so many people made the effort to
    support the event, cheering and clamouring to buy the raffle tickets. In fact, tickets ran out in under an hour and there was a scramble to make more as fast as they could sell them. There were wonderful prizes donated by generous companies such as Budock Vean Hotel, Ann’s Pasties, Vicky's Bread, Rossmore Oysters, St Austell Brewery, Port Navas Yacht Club, Fourth Element, Mel Chambers (artist) and Vintage Roots wine – raising an incredible total for the charity of £757!

    "What an amazing community we are part of." - Katie Chown, Marketing Manager and first time regatta attendee.

    Once the fun and games were finished and the points were being totted up, the mouthwatering handmade sausage rolls and brownies from Gear Farm Pasty Co. were handed out to all and sundry and declared as the best thing eaten in recent memory! (That’s an unofficial recommendation, there) But on to the important bit…Prize-giving! A specific set of whistle blows from Long John Lucy brought the children running to gather in the centre of the beach where Honorary Vice-Presidents, Charles Richardson hung medals around necks and Jonathan Thornton presented the beautiful wooden Schools’ Plaque, kindly made by local cabinet maker Brian and CNC operator Jules.
    There were medals for bronze, silver and gold, with certificates for all involved for their hard work and perseverance on the day. And congratulations to Wendron Primary School, whose name will be engraved forever more as the 2023 winners!

    Special thanks go to Saffery Champness for the sponsorship that allowed the event to go ahead for free, Helford Gig Club for their willingness to perform, Mark Mercer bringing the flat-bottomed Helford River Boat to rescue the food from the south shore, Mawnan Old Church PCC for use of their parking, Mawnan Cricket Club for their car park, National Trust for use of their shed, Tony Chown (volunteer
    supreme), Ferry Boat Inn for use of their fridge, August Rock Adventures for more boat promises and ultimately Chris and Rosie Fawell for use of their lovely beach.


    ‘Please be aware that the members directory on our website is available to the public.  Contact information contained therein could be used for malicious purposes such as phishing emails.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.’

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