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    Membership of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce provides a number of benefits. Read about how members have been inspired, connected and supported by these.
    10 August 2018
    ​Case Study: How Cornwall Chamber of Commerce helped exports rise

    We caught up with the Export for Growth Project Implementation Manager Jim Hodgson to find out why Cornwall Chamber was the chosen partner and how its goals and values aligned with those of Export for Growth.

    Laura Barnes

    09 August 2018
    Case study: Stephens Scown LLP

    Stephens Scown LLP has been a long-standing member and supporter of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. In fact, one of its partners, Davina Haydon, sits on the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Here we find out why the partnership continues to thrive year on year.

    Laura Barnes

    06 July 2018
    Case Study: DMD Management Services

    DMD Management Services joined Cornwall Chamber of Commerce in early 2016. They are a specialist business consultancy based in Cornwall that have been providing Cost Management and Procurement expertise to organisations across the UK since 2001.

    Jason Sugden

    07 June 2018
    Case Study: Eight Wire

    Eight Wire has been a longstanding member of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and in 2016 joined forces to become media partners, allowing for a close working relationship with the Chamber and its members. The company benefits from speaker slots and masterclass sessions as well as producing a lot of Chamber materials

    Laura Barnes

    06 June 2018
    Case Study: Gill Pipkin Consulting

    Cornwall Chamber of Commerce member Gill Pipkin lets us know what she does and how membership to Cornwall Chamber helps her do it. From the breadth of knowledge and support to the networking events, there are different elements of chamber membership that help

    Laura Barnes

    11 May 2018
    Case Study: Sam Amps Marketing and Web

    Sam Amps heads up Sam Amps Marketing and Web. She has been a member of the Chamber for one year. Hear what she considers to be a benefit of her membership

    Laura Barnes

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